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Project Music is delighted to have the opportunity to welcome Bill Collings into our store on the 26th of May. Bill is in Europe on holiday and has taken time out of a very hectic schedule to spend the day with us in our Exeter showroom. Any interested Collings players and guitar enthusiasts will be able to drop in store to meet and greet the man behind what many players now consider to be the worlds best acoustic guitar brand. If you are interested in dropping in on the 26th to talk to him in person and to get your hands on some of our lovely stock Collings instruments please do email or call us for further details. We expect Bill to be in high demand and although no appointment is necessary it would be great to know in advance how many players may wish to turn up. Please do check with us nearer the time for exact arrangements for the day.
Bill Collings guitars are played by some of the worlds best guitar players and are generally held in such a high regard that it is safe to claim in this modern era of guitar making no guitar builder has managed to acquire such a reputation for creating high quality musical instruments. His electric and acoustic guitars are both inspirational and also perfectly crafted. Many of the more popular Collings models take an authentic classic design and enhance it putting years of experience and a no compromise approach to quality into good effect. Using many of the well loved pre war and golden era instruments of yesteryear Collings provide a vintage now guitar built with modern day flawless craftsmanship. All of his fine instruments are perfectly built and show off amazing luthier skills. They are also among the most musical instruments any pro or experienced player will come across. The evidence is all around you as every month more and more of us are discovering just how good these guitars really are. As an experienced and enthusiastic Collings dealer we would love to hear from any player who may have questions on either the range or our service and custom order process.
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