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Suhr Guitars

Project Music is proud to stock a large range of Suhr guitars and we thought a post on the quality of some of their current specifications and a bit on their history may help to give you an insight into why this impressive brand deserves more recognition.

Project Music have in stock a variety of Suhr guitars ranging from the Suhr standard with an alder body wood and a maple neck through to the latest 2019 version Suhr Modern Satin, which uses African Okoume. The specifications on this guitar include HSH pickups, 510 Gotoh tremolo but the key feature, and this is the case for all Suhr guitars, is the wood. African Okoume is beautiful, sounds great and is lightweight, which allows the neck and body on this guitar to resonate freely, producing a wide variety of clear, loud and excellent tones.

The absolute understanding of the timber combinations, the choices for body and fingerboards and the pickups used on these guitars and every other Suhr are testimony to the learning and experience of John Suhr; who founded the company. He started out working with Rudy Pensa’s, an acclaimed guitar builder, in Rudys Music Shop in the early 80s. This music shop is still recognised as a highly respected guitar shop to guitarists around the world and around the mid-80s, Rudy collaborated with John Suhr to create the first Suhr custom. Under the brand Pensa–Suhr, model they built a signature model for former Dire Straits frontman Mark Knopfler.

A few years later, John Suhr moved on and honed his understanding of what makes a quality electric guitar by working on a number of preamplifier designs in Los Angeles before joining the Fender Custom Shop as a Senior Master Builder in 1995. During this time, the Fender Custom Shop was creating unique products which were being designed to meet the needs of specific artists and an example of this is the tweed Twin Reverb remakes. These were crafted by hand by John Suhr for Eric Clapton and were also delivered to Mark Knopfler and B.B. King.

Armed with an impressively high calibre of knowledge on building guitars, building custom guitars for prestigious players, wood combinations, amps and pickups, John Suhr founded Suhr guitars in 1997 with Steve Smith. Suhr Guitars use modern contemporary technology to build flawless guitars and have introduced various other electronic accessories like single-coils, humbuckers and electric bass pickups. This vast knowledge range and experience enables Suhr to produce investment-level, high profile quality guitars that will do just about everything a player could want.

John Suhr’s extensive experience working with guitars is reflected in every Suhr guitar produced, which is why Project Music is proud to have these guitars in stock. The attention to detail throughout the manufacturing process, how every component, from the combination of material, to the standard of the pickups and electronic accessories are paramount to the quality of the guitars we receive. The fact they sound like they have been nicely played in even though they are brand new makes them one of our favourites in store and we fully recommend trying a Suhr if you are looking to invest in an electric guitar.

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