Martin Modern Deluxe Range of guitars

Four new Modern Deluxe models were launched by Martin at NAMMin California in January and reached our Project Music store in late June 2019. These outstanding guitars follow on from the Vintage Series, Marquis Series, and Golden Era Series and would sit in the Martin line somewhere between the Standard Series and the Authentic Series.The new Modern Deluxe series are built with traditional and contemporary techniques creating a range of exquisite guitars that are easily comparable with high end instrument such as Santa Cruz, Collings and Custom Shop instruments.

The incredibly lovely new Modern Deluxe range of Martin guitars offer players a substantial step up in tonal performance specifications and all round build quality. Taking the classic D28, D18, 00028, and OM28 models, the guitars have managed to stay true to the original concepts and much loved classics, but twist in plenty of superb upgrades and some wonderful finishing touches.

In essence what Martin have set out to design is a modern build guitar with all the many latest benefits this can bring, but also one that shimmers with a vintage character and offers a noticeable step up in clarity and acoustic performance. These are monstrously good guitars, and in our opinion can go head to head with any of the more expansive boutique small shop guitars builders such as Santa Cruz and Collings etc.

Some key differences compared to the standard models are as follows. The following list by no means covers all the benefits in this stunning range of guitars but it will help explain some of the key differences.

The top benefits from Adirondack bracing and VTS top. This double whammy of aged vintage sounding top and lighter weight stiff and highly admired Adirondack in the bracing helps squeeze every once of tone and ensure maximum responsiveness.

A massive contributor to the incredible tone on offer is the VTS used on the Modern Deluxe tops and in their bracing. The process for VTS uses high heat to remove moisture and crystallise the tone woods cells until it has the property of aged wood. The same process is applied to the Adirondack spruce braces, enabling the instruments to convey vibrations more efficiently;making these guitar incredibly responsive and ideal for players with particular styles. Martin have also used a traditional protein glue in these Modern Deluxe instruments. Superior to synthetic glues ithis creates a seal between the join enabling maximum transfer of energy. Combine this with the new bridge plate that causes less damping and the VTS on the bracing and tops and you have an instrument that is fantastically capable of taking a players energy and converting it easil yinto a warm, clear brilliant tone. It’s a terrific recording instrument with refined tone

The frets have a clever copper content that offers players a harder wearing fret that looks superb and will be more resilient. Many players have commentated on this aspect of the Modern Deluxe design, and we feel the frets are a real plus.

The Modern Deluxe guitars have titanium truss rods and use a natural protean glue in the construction. We feel these 2 specification help with the transfer of energy and allow even the smallest of touches and vibrations to sing out loud with a full highly musical voice.

The neck on these new guitars is superb. Upgraded to a 1-3./4 nut size, the comfortable intuitive profile works well for every hand size. Every player we know who has picked up these guitars have remarked on how nice they find the neck to play.

These guitars have a cultured and elegant look.The gold open gear tuners and gold coloured frets, which can at times look ostentatious on some other models, balance the guitar with an antique touch and give it class. The golden frets are made from a hard wearing copper alloy and are placed on a premium ebony fret board. There is the tasteful1930s style script logo on the headstock and the 28-style guitars feature East Indian rosewood back and sides with a contrasting flamed maple binding, while the 18-style features genuine mahogany back and sides with contrasting East Indian rosewood binding.There is also the fantastic smell when you open the case, another talking point in our store.

Cosmetically this is one really beautiful range of Martin guitars. Every inch of the build has something individual and stylish to offer. In particular we like the flame maple European binding and gold open geared tuners. You can tell the guitar benefits from an upscale selection of tone woods as the ebony in the fingerboard and bridge and the Rosewood and Mahogany is especially nice looking. We are particularly fond of the unique 1930s style script logo inlaid in pearl on the headstock.

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