Starting out with a Seagull M4

Starting out with a Seagull M4

The Seagull M4 is very, very easy to play.
They look great.
They are exceptionally good fun and value for any level of player
They fit in a rucksack…
…and they come from a fantastic company.

Because everyone who works in our store has bought one or has sent them as Christmas and birthday gifts to people who are seriously hard to buy for; we wanted to write about these instruments and a little on the brand behind them.
m4 Seagull in mahogany

The Seagull M4 is a dulcimer based on a lap-style Appalachian dulcimer. The back, sides, neck and head of the dulcimer are made from three blocks of wood, which have been routed out to create the body. The wood and the woodwork is beautiful. The M4 has the looks. It has good quality tuners with ivory buttons, a Tusq nubone bridge and saddle, 7 frets, comprising a diatonic scale and has four strings tuned DAdd.

They have a really lovely bright and loud voice reminiscent of both a sitar and banjo. The tone is altered by the different tops.

The mahogany version balances the brightness with a mellower and warmer sound, giving the M4 a warm midrange tone that compresses highs and lows into a bigger punchier tone the harder you play it.

The spruce version highlights the instrument’s brightness, giving it a scooped midrange, fizzy highs and a lively feel.

Who is it for? Well this is where it gets interesting…. Pretty much everyone, unless they already have one. Playing it can make a novice feel like a musical expert very quickly and for experienced players, it is fantastically good at letting you create random inspiring melodies, The M4 is the smallest instrument made by Seagull, a prodigious company owned by LaSiDo.

As written in our Seagull history, the brand is owned by Robert Godin who runs LaSido which produces La Patrie, Art and Lutherie, Godin, Simon and Patrick and Norman. Everyone we have dealt with connected to these companies have been really nice and whilst that point is entirely subjective; the ethos of the company is also fantastic. Robert Godin started building guitars in 1968 in Canada and 1982 he produced the first Seagull guitars in the Village of LaPatrie, Quebec. The idea behind Seagull was to take solid tops and beautiful finishes components of the best hand-crafted guitars and create these features into instruments that could be priced within the reach of working musicians. The Seagull brand are basically solid wood acoustic instruments for entry to professional level players.

The company’s commitment to sourcing their wood sustainably is as impressive as their finishes. By working with forestries that have replanting models, introducing a Tonewood Sourcing Team, focused on sustainably sourcing wood and using many positive environmental initiatives in their facilities, the brands have a positive environmental weighting.

If you are enjoying the Seagull M4 as a beginner the next obvious model you may want to try is the basic acoustic by Art & Lutherie or consider moving on to the fantastic Simon and Patrick brand, named after Robert Godin’s children, who now run the company; producing mid- to high-range steel-string acoustics. The Godin brand itself, is award winning for a number of reasons and their sustainable outlook and use of high quality local wood is exceptional. Godin uses natural cherries and spruces in their guitars and frequently have adirondack bracing. Godin are extremely well known for their electric guitars but their acoustics are equally superb. The Godin Fairmount CH Natural Burst HG EQ has a beautiful classic yet modern design and makes warm and balanced tones via its Concert Hall (CH) body; a high end guitar that will last forever.

Going back to the Seagull; the guitars in this range also use adirondack bracing extensively right through to their Seagull Artist line. The Artist Mosaic CH CW Bourbon Burst GT EQ, for example, offers a comfortable body shape, an exceptional mahogany body for playability and tone, a highly vibrant and resonant solid spruce top, a LR Baggs Anthem system and is a complete high quality, high end item for a discerning player.

M4 Seagull in mahogany in a rucksack

It is very hard to find a we have a negative comment from any customer who has purchased any Godin guitar from us and we know that if you are looking for an instrument
to have fun with or
to begin with or
to give as the ultimate gift or
to travel with or if you are looking for
something that is made with sustainable wood and crafted to look and sound fantastic;
the Seagull M4 would our best recommendation.

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