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About Maton Guitars

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About Maton Guitars

The Maton guitar company has a rich history that links to a series of many successful and sought after guitar models spanning over more than 70 years of development. These days the Maton name is mainly associated with hand crafted high quality guitars that stand out as offering something of a unique selection of premium instruments. The combination of tonal palette, hand crafted Australian construction and well deserved reputation for high performance versatile built in pickup systems, ensures they should be considered by any player searching for something different that punches above its weight. So what do we mean by this substantial boastful claim ? Well, put simply, we feel that Matons have a certain "Maton" sound providing a seriously musical and versatile performance at a very economical price; especially considering the guitars are all hand built in Australia. Today the company is still in family ownership and continues to be just as dedicated and passionate as ever.

The 808 all Blackwood EBW808 has plenty going on. It has upgraded ASP5 Pro electronics and a comfortable intuitive mid sized body that can turn its hand to anything. The EBW808 has a clear and perfectly balanced warm and harmonically rich sound. Its a real stand out model and is a whole lot of fun to play and record with.
The EBG808TE is the most popular Artist Tommy Emanual guitar. This version, once again, has the much loved AP5 Pro built in electronics system and it has a body size that ensures those who like to play with a pick will find plenty of power and projection when they dig in. However, the EBG808TE can also softly purr and whisper as it explodes into life from the lightest of touches.
The S60 is a monstrosity good pure acoustic Dreadnought. It boasts all solid woods that includes a wonderful sounding all solid Queensland Maple back and sides with a Spruce top. It has a clear and open sound that has plenty of cut and bite when you dig in and at the same time will apeal to finger style player by producing a shimmering harmonic content that works in balance with the guitar's direct fundamental sound perfectly. If we were to pick just one guitar within the whole range to impress any experienced player with is would have to be the wonderful Maton S60. It includes an official hard case, is built by hand in Australia, includes some extremely nice tone woods, and offers a meticulous attention to details. It really is a superb starting point and flag waving standard bearer for the entire line up.
These guitars are hand built in Australia - Not much more to say really. Any hand built guitar is a thing of beauty, but maybe one crafted in Australia using more exotic but sustainable sourced solid woods is of course going to wet any players appetite.
The AP5 Pro pickup system - A stand out pickup and electronics system that wil impress any demanding sound engineer or dedicated guitarists. This is what the guys at Maton have to say about the performance and development of the world renowned AP5 Pro.
The AP5 PRO now features separate Microphone and Piezo input controls allow for blending of both microphone and piezo levels prior to sending the actively combined signals through to the master volume1. Highly selective cardioid microphone system allows for much greater microphone level before feedback in live environments. This newly upgraded microphone is directly mounted to the preamp casing via an adjustable arm, which permits easy final tweaking of microphone position to suit the individual artist's style.