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Art and Lutherie Guitar History

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All Art & Lutherie guitars are handcrafted from start to finish in Canada and are one of Robert’s Godin’s sub brands along with Norman, Seagull, LaPatrie, Simon & Patrick and Godin. Art & Lutherie makes entry-level budget acoustic guitars, their aim being to “take the essential components of the best hand-crafted guitars, such as solid tops, quality craftsmanship and beautiful finishes and build these features into guitars that could be priced within the reach of working musicians”. Art & Lutherie guitars debuted in 1994 and are well known as a Canadian acoustic brand offering high quality and value for money with All American style characteristics in both in their design and their build. Initially, Art & Lutherie produced dreadnoughts with walnut fingerboards then in 1995 they released a parlour guitar; the Ami model.

In 2017, Art & Lutherie completely updated the line up to massive success. The art and Lutherie lines were split into Americana dreadnoughts, folk instruments and Roadhouse parlour guitars. Models have names like the Art & Lutherie Roadhouse, Americana and Legacy and offer a range of sizes and shapes. Assisting the aforementioned All American focus; the finish on each guitar is a Custom Varnish Finish.  This finish allows the solid tops to breathe and vibrate freely allowing for the aging process to take effect. This process means that every solid top Art & Lutherie guitar sounds increasingly better over time.  All recent Art & Lutherie guitars also include an integrated set neck system, adding extra resistance and reinforcement allowing for more consistent and stable action while significantly reducing movement often caused by changes in climate.

Each Art & Lutherie acoustic guitar is handcrafted in the small town of Princeville, Québec Canada in an environment beneficial to producing exceptional acoustic guitars. Each model is made with the painstaking attention to tone, detail and authentic craftsmanship using Canadian tone woods.  The pressure tested Solid Sitka Spruce Tops, Wild Cherry back and sides and Silver Leaf Maple necks are all are made with 95% Canadian woods that meet strict criteria in terms of their tone as well as their impact on the environment. Wild Cherry has a sound somewhere between the mellow tone of Mahogany and the bright sound of Maple. Silver Leaf Maple, whose characteristics for sound, weight and density are incredibly similar to that of Mahogany, makes for a tonally sound and very stable neck. The company’s sustainable sourcing of their wood whilst producing affordable yet high quality acoustics aptly demonstrates the positive force of their atypical, yet wholly commendable, ethics.