Mayones: The history and the models from a company specialised in a modern style of playing


The history and the models from a company specialised in a modern style of playing

These guitars are made by a family business that started from scratch because of a love for guitar music and a growing demand for electric guitars in Poland. The business is a mere 38 years old and is rightly known for their tight high gain tones and consistently good build of their ultra-contemporary high performance instruments designed to satisfy the most demanding of players. The reputation they have gained comes from the quality of the craftsmanship in the build. This is an independent company and every guitar produced by them is a superior sound machine (although they are really fantastic all round instruments when you consider the pick-up options available and the Aquila series).

Mayones come from Poland the birthplace of the Suka (like a fiddle but played vertically); Chopin; Marek Bliziński (Poland’s first world class jazz guitarists); Krzysztof Penderecki (Poland’s greatest living composer); Joseph Tykociński-Tykociner (the first person to put sound into films) amongst many others. As we have previously blogged about, many violin and fiddle makers often move into guitar making. Some Polish examples of this include the Polish born Wilkanowski a trained violin maker who went off to work on Gretcsh guitars in the US in 1903. Poland hasn’t been the most tranquil country. The last century saw its capital destroyed in every sense and even after the second World War, when there was a growth in living standards, the effect of censorship and administrative inference were harsh. There were few opportunities for artistic creativity. The effect of communism on Poland during this period was severe. Food and clothing were hard enough to find let alone quality musical instruments.

It was in the 80s when Zenon Dziewulski and his friend (whose nick name was Mayones) decided to make a guitar. They wanted to play guitars, they had a passion for the music and as already mentioned there were few opportunities to buy a quality instrument. After a couple of years of developing ideas, finding people who could tell him about the woods and what machines were needed, Mayones was officially founded by Zenon and his wife Halina in 1982. The business started its production in a garage next to the family home. Just as the stories go with all successful, well-built guitars, demand grew quickly. People came from all over Poland to order the guitar personally. The family business, whilst doing well, still needed to find people to make the bridges, pick-ups as these were unable to be bought easily or made with official permission (as those who could do it would be producing them illegally after work). Becoming Mayones version of Fender’s Abigail Ybarra, Halina learned how to make the pick-ups herself and once the company could afford it, more people were hired and many are still remain with the company.

As mentioned earlier Mayones are known for their fantastic powerful sound, their quality and consistent build. The consistency in the high standard of their guitars is a result of their strict and extensive quality control process for all models and custom builds. Once they have approved specifications the quality control processes begin and continue throughout the production, assembly and painting and shipping stages. For example, all the woods used in the build must be exceptional and have to pass a high level of scrutiny before they are used. Once built, the instruments are again examined for any imperfections, dents or scratches, which would mean they are removed from the production line. They also use a technique to treat the wood calling it Tonally Enhanced Wood (TEW). The process adds to the resonance and stability of the tones.


Mayones is primarily a maker of custom guitars and you can get just about any option you want and there are also many Mayones models on offer that are fantastic; including the standard and elite options. The main difference being the Elite can be customised in a vast number of ways; fretboard changes, different top woods, body woods, etc…

Regius is the most popular Mayones series and one of our favourites. These are mostly flat top, but there is also a carve top version available as well. The Regius offers the most customisation options out of any Mayones available. The Regius Core Classic is a stunner with a profiled Swamp Ash Body and a Flamed Maple top.

Another one of our favourites is the Duvell series. The Duvell is a more performance orientated version of the world’s most iconic loved design. The Mayones Black Duvell 6 string with Black Limba (Black Korina) on the body, the back belly cut, the redesigned forearm front contour and the Wenge-Purpleheart on the neck with and ebony fingerboard looks fantastic and gives an immense response and vibe when playing.

The Hydra series is one of Mayones’ latest addition to the lineup. Essentially it is a headless Duvell. This model is very customizable as well and offers the same massive tone of the Duvell, in a more ergonomic, lightweight design. The Mayones Hydra Elite Pro 6 (with a natural fade violet burst out finish), has a Mahogany back and Eye Poplar front. A number of other finish options are available. The Hydra is beautifully crafted and the Seymour Duncan Nazgûl (bridge) and Sentient (neck) pickups offer masses of volume for clean sounds.

The Setius was one of the first models designed by Mayones and is the cheapest guitar Mayones offers, the build quality is consistent as in all the other models and it can be customised. The Setius 7 String sounds absolutely fantastic and it plays superbly. The body is Mahogany and the top is Flamed Maple. The options on the neck are Mahogany or Maple and the fingerboard is now Pau Ferrou, replacing rosewood as a harder and smoother fingerboard.

Mayones Legend T22 Legend is Mayones retro-inspired guitar. They can also be moderately customised and supports the trend for vintage instruments. These guitars have 22 frets and features traditional materials and accessories including an alder body, a set-in maple neck and maple or rosewood fretboard.

We are also proud to offer the Aquila, one of Mayones newest designs. This is a classic heritage guitar with modern features and is versatile enough for many different playing styles. A classic 80’s style guitar with all the quality, playability and sound Mayones is known for. Check out the: Mayones Aquila 6 String with T.E.W. (Tonally Enhanced Wood) Quilted Maple top.

Today 2020 the company is currently run by Halina and her two sons Dawid and Tomasz Dziewulski. They are involved every aspect from wood purchasing, design, to the marketing of the instruments. All production is in their own facility in Gdansk, Poland. Mayones remains a relatively small company, proudly working independently in all areas including finding the best wood, design, taking orders, production processes, sales, marketing and PR. The company has a business goal to keep the production in Poland, have 100% control over quality and keep all staff involved in design decisions regarding the shape, look and playability.

They are keen to respond to those with a love of music and take on board feedback from customers; for example the new armrest on all Regius models was strictly due to information they got from their players. This is a company with great ethics, proud to be running and producing all components from their own country and making epic looking, high end guitars, that deliver a definitive massive sound. We are proud to be stocking them. Get in touch to find out what Mayones models we currently have in store or what options would suit you best.

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