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Maybach have hit the spot, producing big brand custom shop instruments that have been hand built in Europe at a seriously affordable price tag.


Maybach’s small scale dedicated team produce an iconic range, they are genuinely trying to replicate the two main builders and since 1985 Maybach have been focused on details, using upgraded traditional methods, carefully selected high quality wood and properly relicing their electric models. These are first-class instruments manufactured by hand in Europe.

All models come with a high level of fit and finish for a fraction of the cost you would expect from such specification and these guitars are totally suited to those looking for a fantastic sounding, classic golden era influenced instrument.

This October, Project Music reviewed some of their standout models:

The Lester: JR 59 Double Cut
Acoustically and plugged in this guitar has a powerful sustain and is a rich sounding instrument, both light and resonant. With a tastefully aged nitrocellulose finish the Lester Junior 59 is handcrafted with Double Cuts and P90 pickup. Boasting an intuitive 628mm scale length neck with 12″ radius rosewood fingerboard it comes packed with style and character. This Czech family of solid body guitars has been designed from the ground up to provide players with a remarkable level of specifications and craftsmanship without denting bank balances too badly. This glorious double cut has a simple elegant understated golden era design that will be very welcome to any experienced collector or player. We especially like the set neck construction and premium Mahogany body. In your hands this Lester Junior will feel like a well-loved golden era model and its outstanding relic work, which is not too overdone and also apparent on the plastic and hardware, will have you thinking this is a very old played in guitar that has been loved and cherished right out of the case.

The Teleman: T68
This Custom Shop model comes loaded with some fantastic Van Zandt hand wound pickups, a Maybach T-Tune bridge and Gotoh SD-91 Relic mechanics. The T model designs are heavily influenced by the 1960s and the T68 produces classic vintage sounds suited to a range of genres thanks to the Van Zandt True Vintage pickups. Although these guitars have been around a while we only took the time to get to know the range fairly recently, and we have to say we were totally blown away by them. Boasting USA levels of construction along with bags of creative traditional style tone and, a no compromise, Czech craftsmanship, the Maybach Teleman T68 Thinline Custom follows classic construction methods and this guitar produces a strong and crisp tele sound. The alder body has large chambers and an f-hole, which deliver a strong acoustic resonance and has a fantastic relic finish with well positioned cracks. The T68 Thinline takes a much loved traditional build and produces outstanding results at an almost unbelievably good price.

The Albatroz: 65 P90
This Mahogany body double cutaway with set neck is a creative Czech built guitar and is noticeable light. We especially like the intuitive 24.75″ scale 12″ radius rosewood fingerboard and rather splendid Amber P90 pickup. This Albatroz 65 P90 model has a Nitrocellulose aged finish that in your hands manages to perfectly create the look and feel of a much loved and cared for instrument from new. The ageing process is not only extremely sympathetically and tastefully carried out it also helps provide that comfortably worn feel and sound. Benefitting from set neck construction and a Tune-O-Matic bridge the impressive specifications on this very classic looking double cutaway instrument will put certain other guitar builders to shame, especially when you consider the affordability and the hand built traditional construction it offers.

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If you would like any more information on these models, what we have currently in store and supply times for models please get in touch. We include a full and professional set up and service.

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