Maton and the Maton 75th Anniversary model

Maton guitars have grown in popularity immeasurably over the last decade. They have been helped in part by a close association with some very well know and highly admired players such as Tommy Emmanuel and a host of internet and YouTube stars. But this close working relationship with big name association in some ways can take away from the essence of what Maton is all about and what it has to offer.

What’s behind a Maton guitar?
Well to put it simply any Maton guitar is part of a more individual family of instruments that has developed its own unique style and tonal character. With so many big brand names in a crowded market place, such as of course the American giants Martin, Gibson and Taylor, to name just a few, it’s refreshing to focus on a guitar builder who has found their own way and developed its own set of build principals and guitar building ethics.

How has Maton done this?
Well in part its simple logistics. Building guitars in Australia opens the door to a different set of tone woods on your doorstep. In particular Maton use Blackwood and Queensland Maple extremely well, and both of these woods have become something of a signature choice for them.

With 75 years of history and as a smaller independent family-owned guitar builder, Maton have also slowly created their own design concepts. This relates to not only body shapes but also internal bracing and use of electronics and many other small details. Many other big name guitar builders’ simply copy and emulate the classic well-loved American designs of Martin and Gibson etc., but Maton have taken a different and organically grown and developed route.

By combining the more original choice and selection of tone woods Maton focus on, and then combining this with unique Maton builds rather than mere copy deigns, you are left with plenty of wonderfully more individual choices in the line-up. Even Maton Dreadnought American classic copy guitars mainly use very different woods and construction, and as a result have a unique, superb “Maton” sound.

Tell me more about the Maton sound?
Well of course this is all subjective and one player’s ear will hear different characterises to the next, but we can provide a general overview of how a Maton guitar will performer for most who experience them. Maton guitars tend to be especially popular with finger style players. They tend to offer the player a very sensitive response to the lighted of touches. They do not have big bold brash voices. They are a little more subtle and understated when compared to a big body American build. They do not general have as much power and punch, and they do not have as much headroom on offer as many other guitars of a similar size. However, what they do have is a simply wonderful fundamental tone and an accompanying highly musical shimmering harmonic content. They are really beautiful sounding guitars, and perfectly blend the single note fundamental tone with a responsive and reverberating warm cloak of harmonics.

Tell me about the 75Th Anniversary?
Maton is still a privately owned and run family orientated business. They have grown a lot of the last few decades, but at heart they are still a small shop guitar builder. They have a few key master builders and designers, and from time to time they are provided with a reason to come up with a rather special edition or model. The most recent of these is the really quiet incredibly lovely 75th Anniversary model. This guitar has been very carefully designed to showcase Maton’s higher end ranges and to encapsulate the core principals and tonal characteristics they stand for.

The 75th Anniversary model has much to love about it, and in our opinion, it has a shout of being the very best model Maton have ever produced. Along with the Messiah series of guitars and the Custom Shop, it really doesn’t get much better. Maton went with the Traditional body shape and this an exceptionally versatile body size that works really well for both flat picking and fingerstyle. It has re worked tweaks to the design that take the standard shape and offer an unmistakable Maton tonal character in a slightly bigger size than the 808 body size. Maton tend to be associated with either the Mini range, 808, EBG808 size and Dreadnoughts, so it’s great to see the Traditional size getting a run out for the 75th model. It’s just a slight bit bigger than the 808, so will offer the same wonderful fingerstyle performance the range is so admired for, but it can step up when asked for an extra level of power volume and tone. To put it simply it’s a wonderful all-rounder and really will work well for any style of playing.

Maton have used some exceptionally lovely AA Blackwood from the Otway ranges in the back and sides of the new 75th Model. For the top they have selected some carefully and individually selected AAA Sitka Spruce. This combination capitalizes on the Maton signature tonal palette and somehow offers just that bit more in terms of responsiveness and. Queensland Maple has been selected for this model’s neck, which is about as Ionic as it gets when talking about wood choices for a Maton neck. Other features include the use of Ebony in its fingerboard and bridge and a most artistic and attractive subtle mother of pearl Dimond inlay in the headstock. Accompanying this instrument is the world beating, and easy to work with, high end responsive AP5 Pro latest spec pickup system.

Do you have any questions about Maton guitars? We would love to hear for you, we are a fan, get in touch via our form or email us, we would love to hear from you!

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