Ibanez guitars – coming soon

Ibanez guitars – coming soon…

…Most of the team here at Project Music have started with or owned an Ibanez in their prestigious guitar playing history and are very excited to our next delivery. This is a fantastic solid brand and we have often been told they were our customer’s prerequisite starter before finding an electric guitar, thanks to their wide range of electro acoustics and affordable price points.

With a considerable globally influenced history (Spain, Japan, America) there is no doubt this company have understood and honed their skills to produce quality guitars to the players looking for them. Beginnings are founded in Japan, when a music company called Hoshino began importing and took over a Spanish company, Salvador Ibanez guitars, which where the name comes from!

In 1957, they became one of the first Japanese musical instrument brands to establish themselves the United States and after copying other notable brands and taking over a USA company called Big Guitars they introduced new line of innovative and unique guitar designs in the 1980s (based on years of research and development) that they are now widely recognised for.

These designs had trimmer bodies, headstocks, necks and flatter fingerboards – supported by many famous artists as noted in their Artist series including George Benson, Steve Vai and pivotally for the company Adrian Smith.
Ibanez offer many options and are an excellent choice for beginners due to their competitively pricing and quality, as well as producing a range sought after by professional players and we encourage you to give us a call or email if you would like advice on the right style and options for you. Call on 01393 425125 or email us on Sales@ProjectMusic.net and we will get straight back to you!

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