How important is guitar fretboard radius?
Project Music`s Lee and Conan discuss how important fretboard radius is to the feel of your guitar! 
Lakewood, Lowden & Brook – European alternatives to American acoustic brands.
With so many makes and styles of guitars available these days it becomes increasingly hard to identify what some particular brands stand for in terms of both the style that they suit and lean towards and the tone that they have become known for. What...
Lakewood Guitars
Lakewood GuitarsOne of Europe’s hidden  musical gems Lakewood guitars have plenty to offer any player looking for a quality home grown acoustic guitar. Regularly compared against the usual American suspects they actually have more in common with...
Project Music’s Guide to looking after your guitar
Here are some of the best ways to ensure the new guitar you have bought from Project Music is kept and maintained in the best possible way. This means it will play beautifully for life and reduce issues; saving you time and money.Storage