D'addario EXL110 10-46 Electric Guitar Strings

D'addario EXL110 10-46 Electric Guitar Strings



D'addario EXL110. Electric Guitar Strings.

This is an incredibly popular set of quality electric guitar strings. These XL strings are world-renowned as "The Player's Choice" amongst players of all genres and styles. XL's are precision wound with nickel plated steel on a hex-shaped core, resulting in strings with a distinctive bright tone and excellent intonation. They have a 10 top E and drop to a 46 on the low E. Generally speaking this gauge of strings is the most asked for and sought after option as it feels great on almost any electric instrument. It does of course depends how you have your guitar set up and if you use a trem hard or string bend much. But just talking generally it is the best choice for all round tone and playing performance and comes highly recommended by us. Daddario 10's are our number one selling set of strings in store.  Please do email us if you have any questions about our service or this set of D'addario strings.

    Diameter    Tension
Item#    Note    inches    mm    lbs    kg
PL010    E    0.010    0.25    16.2    7.35
PL013    B    0.013    0.33    15.4    6.98
PL017    G    0.017    0.43    16.6    7.53
NW026    D    0.026    0.66    18.4    8.34
NW036    A    0.036    0.91    19.5    8.84
NW046    E    0.046    1.17    17.5    



  • Brand: D'addario
  • Condition: New


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