DiMarzio Fast Track T DP381

DiMarzio Fast Track T DP381



This is really most wonderful pickup. The Dimarzio Fast Track DP318 is a superb choice of replacement pickup for any player wanting a hotter than most bridge pickup for a telecaster style of guitar. With plenty of sustain and and a lovely clear high with a tighter bass the Fast Track bridge pickup has lots of tone and plenty of character on offer. Although it may look unlike many other tele pickups it can certainly perform and would be a real step up for any playing wanting more output than a conventional single coil. With a choice of colours available please note that some of the custom options may require a special order but any fairly standard colour should be from stock. If you have any questions regarding this pickup or its supply please do email us. We include free delivery.

The Fast Track T™ is hotter than most single-coil Tele® bridge pickups, but it has way more twang and snap than a humbucking pickup ought to have. We pulled this trick off by combining patented dual-resonance coils (less DC resistance than a standard Tele® single-coil) with twin-blade poles for less string-pull than standard rod magnets. It all means more sustain, cleaner highs and tighter bass. It may not look like a traditional Tele® bridge pickup, but if outstanding hum-free performance is the goal, the Fast Track T™ is a clear winner.

Standard Tele® bridge position.
Tech Talk
Different control resistance values will yield a wide range of tones with the Fast Track 2™. 250K controls (the usual value on most Tele® guitars) will produce a fairly warm sound without much high-end bite: a 500K volume and 1 Megohm tone will be very twangy. 500K volume and 250K tone produce a more balanced tone.
Wiring:    4 Conductor
Magnet:    Ceramic
Output mV:    191
DC Resistance:    5.72 Kohm
Year of Introduction:    1994
Treble    8.0 / 10
Mid    5.0 / 10
Bass    5.0 / 10

For custom colours and configurations please call or email for prices and delivery estimates.
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  • Brand: dimarzio
  • Condition: New


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