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It's hard to appreciate just how much the Eastman range have to provide until you scrutinize the builds on offer. Starting with models such as the more affordable T386 and SB59 guitars, these instruments offer hand crafted construction with all solid tone woods and unbelievably they also come with nitrocellulose finishing. Make no mistake about it even an entry level Eastman is properly hand built and is designed to outperform all the big-name brands with ease. Don't just take our word for it as a quick search on line looking at independent reviews and comments will quickly have you come to the conclusion that these guitars are every bit the classic. Drawing inspiration from the 50’s and 60's authentic golden era instruments Eastman have somehow managed to combine one off hand building with a level of specifications that is hard to convey, so you will just have to try and find one for yourself to try. The T386 and T486 will be of special interest as will the SB59 and SB59/v series. The arch tops and Jazz boxes, such as the AR503CE and the AR372CE are also stand out models worth a special mention.