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Electric Guild guitars offer something for every pocket and level. The Aristocrat is a particular standout, a well made and reliable guitar which would be a great choice for players looking for a lightweight singlecut with either a P90 or HH pickup options. The M-75 Aristocrat is probably the most iconic Guild with tonal power coming from dual Franz P90 Soapbar pickups. These Guild electrics offer something different and their the Newark St Collection revives the 50s/60s when Guild guitars owned the scene. The collection also contains so many great models, but we also wanted to mention the A-150 Savoy; designed first and foremost as an acoustic guitar, this is a 17" archtop with a solid top and able to deliver strong sound fairly punchy acoustically, before you even turn on the DeArmond Floating Pickup. If you are looking for style and quality the Guild electric guitars can offer you both and more besides. They are seriously good value for the price