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How do I order and how long for supply

How do I order and how long for supply?

A bit about our stock - We try and stock as many Custom Shop guitars as we can. We will always have an extensive list of guitars in build and due to arrive so even when we do not have what you are looking for in stock it may be about to turn up. If you are interested in any custom Shop the best thing to do is just to pick up the phone and call UK 01392 425125 or email us on and our very experienced team will be able to help.
How many do we have in stock - This can vary greatly and is dependent on many factors. Generally we will have somewhere between 30 - 50 Custom Shop models in stock ready to supply, but on top of this we will have well over 70 on order and in build. Once again the best thing to do is just to contact us for more information and do check what we have in stock before making a special journey to see something you have discovered on our web site as guitars can sell quickly.
Can I place an order for a guitar not currently in stock - Yes you can order any guitar available from either the current line-up or one of our Custom order models or one you wish to be built to your own specifications. We can secure the guitar or uncompleted build for you with just a small deposit.
How long will it take - Generally a Team Built Custom Shop will take somewhere between 5 - 8 months to build and supply, however we may already have what you want on order, and when this is the case build time may be substantially reduced. If we order a guitar that you are interested in 6 months ago it may be just about to be sent to us, so you may only have to wait a few weeks. Once again it is best to contact us and we can provide you with an accurate ETA.
How do I order if it is not in stock now - If you wanted to order a guitar not currently in stock just contact us and let us know what you want and we can provide a build time scale for you. Then to move things ahead we would ask for a modest deposit to secure the build in your name. The balance will then be due on completion and before the guitar can be supplied.
Specification Options and Information

This range of guitars has a never ending list of options to choose from. Both with personal custom one off builds and also the ones you will find designed and team built as advertised on the fender web site and on our pages this list of options is truly extensive. When we know what you are interested in we can go into further details but here we will try and explain some of the most commonly asked about features that players may wish to mull over and consider when looking to purchase a Custom Shop guitar.

Body woods - Chose from a selection of very carefully selected body woods. Popular choices would include Ash or Alder for many builds, but also you will find plenty of Mahogany and Rosewood and more exotic woods often being used. The difference is subjective and down to one’s own personal tastes and experiences. Many players state confidently that they prefer, for example, Ash over Alder etc., and a general opinion can be formed as to how these different woods affect the guitars tonal performance and weight.

Pickups - Fender offer an insane amount of classic and contemporary options. The power output and all over tonal character will vary from choice to choice. It is hard to go into any more detail so we would encourage anyone with questions about any Custom Shop pickups or circuitry to please get in contact with us for more information.

Neck and Fingerboard - One of the most significant and important parts of the design process and one that directly has a very large impact on the guitars feel and performance. What neck and fingerboard do you choose? Again this is a massive topic and opinions will vary wildly. Some players enjoy a vintage spec vintage 7.25 radius fingerboard and some really can’t get on with it. Others like the look and relic feel and style of an aged looking custom shop but would like a modern day 10" radius fingerboard or similar. Please contact us to find out more about options and to discuss any questions or concerns you may have.