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Introduction to Fender Custom Shop

Apart from original 50 and 60's vintage era models Fender Custom Shop guitars have to be just about the most sought after guitars on the planet. They take some of the world’s most historically important and best loved and cherished solid body guitar designs, and offer players an ultimate build. Even the most standard of Custom Shop models is going to be a rather special musical instrument. It will have been expertly crafted and dreamt up by dedicated luthiers who live, eat, breath, think, and build individual one off pieces of musical art.
Any American built Fender guitar is going to offer the player a well thought out and professional set of specifications and a build quality that will satisfy any demanding professional performance player. Tastes and opinions will vary widely as to which is the best of the standard line up non Custom Shop models and the standard Fender catalogue will have something for everyone. So many may ask; why look at Custom Shop in the first place?
Well, the answer is fairly straightforward. If you want the very best in quality and you want a more individual build emanating either a particular era in Fender History or maybe an instrument designed to blend the best of old and new, you will ultimately end up looking at Custom Shop. They are, after all, built in a different facility and use only the very best and most creative and understanding of luthiers. Yes they cost more, however, the value on a well-built Custom Shop can instantly be felt and noticed the second you place the guitar in your hands. What is this worth? Over the life time of the guitar (and this could of course end up being a timeless period) the extra value and quality and performance on offer is in many players opinion, and ours, well worth the extra cost.
So once you have established you are interested in taking a step into the ultimate Fender guitar range the next question is; what should you look for? We are not talking what basic design or shape do you want, as it is safe for us to assume if you are looking at this range you know if you want a Tele or Strat or Jazzmaster etc., we are more talking within the custom Shop ranges.