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Lowden Guitars Ordering Process

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As a Leading European Lowden Centre we would love to hear from customers with any questions they have regarding any of our instruments or placing an order. We have many years experience supplying customers locally in the south west of England through our superb retail show room and also on line thought the whole of the European Union. We use safe and insured courier services and have never experienced any issues selling a quality guitar to Germany, Spain or France. Although we sell many makes of quality high end guitars it has to be Lowden that we are most proud of. They have such a wonderfully artistic appeal and must be the ultimate individual acoustic guitar for certain styles of performance. and sound.

Purchase options - We will work hard to ensure that your new Lowden is not only your perfect instrument but that it is also a great all round deal. We are happy to consider part exchange options and have a full selection of finance available subject to status. If you wish to make a purchase on our secure site you will be pleased to hear that we use a fully PCI compliant secure system. This means that your sensitive card data is not available to us. The banking system simply handles the transaction on our behalf never passing on your sensitive data to us and so ensures ultimate security. If you find yourself with any questions at all please do either email or call us as we always look forward to discuss these fine guitars and will work hard to look after you at every stage.

In Stock Lowden Guitars - We try and keep as many Lowden guitars in stock as we possibly can. Currently we have 21 on order and due into us over the coming months. The problem is that many of them sell very quickly, however if we don't have what you are looking for right now may be about to turn up as we more than likely have all the most popular tone wood combinations from all of the main 3 body shapes on order. They will of course be at differing stages of production so where as some may be just a week or two away, some may have months to go before they are delivered. Typically it takes between 4-8 months to order and receive one of the hand crafted beauties. The thing to stress is that it is worth contacting us if we do not currently have what you are looking for as we have so many popular versions and options on order.

Custom Order Lowden - We can help you spec out a custom Lowden. Chose from a range of tops and back and side combinations to create your individual ideal guitar for life. It is exciting to work you way through the custom shop process and we can help guide you every which way so that you end up with the right build for you at a great price. Please do contact us if you are considering a custom build to hear more about the service that we can provide.

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