Maton Guitars

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Many players initially discover the Maton family of guitars by getting into and following Tommy Emanuel and his most incredible skill. But aside from the ever-popular Maton EBG808TE artist models, this Australian crafted range of guitars has a lot more to offer, and in particular manages to provide players with a more original selection of tone woods and a sweet understated sparkling refined tonal character. Not big and brash, but rather gentle and responsive, an Australian built Maton guitar will work with you and help you pull out nuances and an extra level of subtlety from your playing. A brand of choice for many out and out fingerstyle players, the rich, but in perfect balance, harmonic content will inspire playing and leave you wanting more. Of particular note is the incredible AP5 Pre-Amp, which makes Maton guitars among the best electro acoustics on the planet. Check out the all solid SRS70C and SRS808 models. The all Blackwood EBW808 and EBW70C are stunning and the EM6 Mini Maton and EBG808 Nashville guitars certainly also need a shout out.