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Measurements of guitars models

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The table at the bottom of this page sets out the standard dimensions of the Lakewood D,M,J and A body sizes. When it comes to the neck specification and profile a wide choice of nut sizes, scale length and also neck profiles exist. The Lakewood guitar building tool on the Lakewood site will help guide you through these options and will help to create your ideal guitar. However we would recommend contacting us for any information or just to maybe throw some ideas around regarding what may be the best set of neck specifications for your own individual needs. As standard the M series model have a 46mm nut size and this is sometimes to wide for payers. The D size has a more standard 44mm nut size. It is important with any potential custom order that we ensure we help you get the order spot on for your playing style and preferences so please do contact us regarding any questions or help that you may need.

Universal measurements
    Dreadnought (D)    Grand Concert (M)    Jumbo (J)    Auditorium (A)
mm    inch    mm    inch    mm    inch    mm    inch
Overall length (incl. neck)    1029    40.51    1020    40.16    1051    41.38    976    38.43
Body length    511    20.12    502    19.76    533    20.98    496    19.53
Body hight max. (measured on end block)    120    4.72    120    4.72    130    5.12    110    4.33
Body hight min. (measured on neck-joint)    90    3.54    90    3.54    110    4.33    85    3.35
Width at lower bout    400    15.75    392    15.43    437    17.20    380    14.96
Width at waist    278    10.94    228    8.98    255    10.04    213    8.39
Width at upper bout    297    11.69    279    10.98    303    11.93    266    10.47