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Ordering Your Private Stock

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Visit the PRS Private Stock Gallery for inspiration while specifying your new Private Stock guitar. Use the different types of woods, inlay materials and colors to aid in your choices for your one-off instruments’ specifications.

We Promise to give you the best price and service on any Private Stock Guitar.

If you are interested in ordering a PRS Private stock guitar or have any questions please feel free Contact us via our contact form, email, or call and speak to our PRS specialist Phill Kirk 01392 425125.

Phill will guide you through the process and Once you have decided on the specifications for your instrument, we will send a quote request to PRS Guitars. When you decide to move forward with the instrument,  we will begin the process of getting your instrument built.

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Paul Reed Smith,

“One of the most fulfilling things about my job at PRS is my deep involvement in our Private Stock program. At my core I am a guitar maker – specifically, a custom guitar maker for artists and special customers. And that’s what Private Stock is all about. When Paul Miles (Director of Private Stock), Tina Benson (Private Stock Sales Manager), and I came together to evolve this program, we invited our dealers – and through them, our customers – to get more involved in the process of building these exclusive instruments. To that end, we collected all of the exquisite wood that we’ve been hoarding away for a decade, created a Private Stock Vault, and made it available to everyone. We call this library "The Vault.”

Most of this wood was available for customers’ orders before. But the big change is now our dealers can smell it, wet it to reveal the grain, feel it, and knock on it to hear its distinctive sound. This gives them a much better sense of the instrument they will finally give to you. Coding every part of every single order is time-consuming for our team, but we have a closer relationship with you as a result and Private Stock is growing because of it.

So let me walk you through a typical order. Henry’s Music flies to the factory and heads straight to the vault. They know you want to buy a Private Stock McCarty on steroids. They pick from hundreds of pieces of extraordinary wood—a top, a figured back, an old fretboard, a black mahogany neck blank, a matching headstock veneer, and a special inlay pattern. They photograph the parts and email them to you on the spot. You go crazy over everything except the top…you wish it was exquisite quilt, not curl. They pick out another top, which is perfect, then wet it, photograph it, and send the image for your approval. Next, you get to choose all of the custom details. What color have you been dreaming of? Do you want gold outlines around the inlays? All of the questions that will make your guitar one-of-a-kind are answered.

Now, the parts are numbered for your order and sent back to the drying departments so they’ll ring like bells. Your inlays are crafted, and the guitar starts the beginning of its life. Four months later it’s done, and we ship it to the dealer. They call you to say the stork has arrived. You ask them to have it delivered and the next thing you know, a big package is waiting when you arrive home. You rip the box open, unlatch the case and there it is—the guitar takes your breath away.

Private Stock would not exist if the guitars didn’t blow away the customer. It’s all about the passion, skill level, world-class woods, care in drying, an entire team of brilliant guitar makers, brutal attention to detail, and deep dealer commitment. Reward yourself and order the guitar of your dreams. You will have an incredible treasure to pass along one day. These instruments are so unique they take on a life of their own. They’re always slightly different than anyone imagined.

Our goal is to make them better than you ever imagined. It takes decades to perfect the art of guitar making. I feel like this is our time. We would love for you to be a part of it."