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Seagull Guitar History

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Seagull is a finely crafted acoustic sub brand of the Godin Guitar family created by Robert Godin, which also includes the renowned Godin & Richmond electric lines and the additional acoustic lines Simon & Patrick, Norman, Art & Lutherie and La Patrie.

Robert Godin built his first guitars in a small shop in Montreal over forty years ago.  The success the shop had in Montreal enabled him eventually to open a dedicated guitar building facility in the village of La Patrie, Quebec. In this small village, since 1982, the building of Seagull guitars has been the main passion for the many devoted guitar makers living there. Given a small population (in 2015 La Patrie has a population of 475) about half of the people living in La Patrie are guitar builders.

In 1982 Robert Godin guitars were being named after words relating to the ocean. He made the first Seagull as a concept instrument. Feedback was that the guitar performed very well but was built in a futuristic style; initial reception from the main dealers was that there were too many new features in one guitar. Robert however, knew it was worthy and after buying an old school van, started marketing these guitars to smaller scale dealers. Explaining the new features; a sharper head to ensure a straight path for strings and reducing drag for better tuning stability, the use of cedar tonewoods and the design’s ability to project a lot of sound, the word spread and from that the popularity of the Seagull has grown steadily since that time to become one of the premier acoustic guitar brands in the world known for their solid tops and beautiful finishes.  When the S6 hit the music shops in the  UK in  the 1990s, affordable solid top acoustics were rare and the S6 popularity was almost guaranteed. Even in the present day, where good quality acoustics are easier to come by, Seagull still deliver great tonewoods and a fantastically high build quality for mid range acoustic guitars at a price that doesn’t break the bank beating all competitors in this area.

Seagull are also noteworthy because of their commitment to sustainably sourcing all of their wood from using only reclaimed wood and working with forestries that impose strict replanting models. Their sustainable outlook and use of high quality local wood is exceptional. They use natural cherries and spruces and the Seagull range uses  Adirondack bracing extensively, the same bracing used in Martin deluxe moderns and can be ordered with Collings acoustic guitar, where the specification is regarded as a considerable upcharge, but is not even mentioned in the Seagull specs.

Seagull also make Ukes, Mandolins and an extremely playable and diverting M4; a revolutionary instrument that was inspired by the Appalachian dulcimer. The Seagull M4 is one of the smallest guitars Seagull has made and perfect for travelling, offering any musician a resonant and creative instrument perfect for messing around and experimenting with.