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Suhr Finishes

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Offering a truly awesome range of personal finish options, any custom order Suhr guitar can be as individual or classic looking as you like. These guys are all about customization, so its no surprise to see so much choice. If you are considering a custom order Suhr guitar we would encourage you to contact us for up to date information and to discuss what may best suit your needs. We will work hard to ensure you get not only the guitar of your dreams, but a price that does not dent your pocket. We look forward to hearing from you.

Solid Finishes Originally drawing inspiration from the classic cars of the 1950’s, solid finishes are timeless and simple. We have embraced this tradition and have also introduced modern colors to expand our finish palette. The color coat is applied after the body has been cut, sanded and undercoated. We still custom mix many of our solid colors in-house due to our demanding finish standards. As the final finish stage, a topcoat of thin polyester or “thin skin” urethane is applied, sanded, and buffed to a flawless, glossy finish.

Metallic finishes utilize various sizes of metallic flake which result in a shimmering finish that shows off the contours of the guitar. Some metallic finishes consist of multiple layers of solid color and metallic flake, while others consist of a single coat of pre-mixed finish. Flake size also has a strong impact on the overall look of the finish. Smaller flake sizes result in a subtle shimmer, while larger flake sizes produce a striking sparkle.

Our Antique finishes utilize the same nitrocellulose lacquer that was used on vintage guitars of the 1950’s and 1960’s. Lacquer ages beautifully and our proprietary antiquing process gives these guitars all the dings, dents, and lacquer checks you expect to find on a vintage instrument. As with all our finishes, we ensure that the Nitrocellulose lacquer is applied in the thinnest layers possible, to allow the body wood to resonate freely.