Custom Set up Included

Our aim is simple, when you buy from Project Music we will provide a complementary Custom Set Up; assuring your instrument plays perfectly with any personal requirements you have requested taken into consideration.


The following checklist is a general guide to the work we undertake to ensure your guitar is performing perfectly and is more enjoyable to play We welcome any personal requests and would suggest any player with a need for an instrument to play a particular way contacts us to discuss their requirements so we can ensure your guitar has optimum playability tailored to your style.



Set Up Checklist

  • A work bench assessment of the instruments structural integrity; including neck angle and saddle / bridge and top nut.
  • An overall review of the instrument's string height and action. Our guitar technicians will aim for a sweet spot that produces the best tonal performance with effortless playability in keeping with the design and style of the instrument.
  • A work bench adjustment of the neck / truss rod setting if required
  • An appraisal of the intonation
  • An evaluation of the frets and fret ends, making any adjustments as required
  • An assessment of the finish, lacquer, inlays etc.
  • An inspection of all the electronics and circuitry
  • An assessment of the string performance and fitting
  • If set up preferences are not stated when receiving an order, our workshop will ensure your instrument is set up with the most favourable tonal and playing performance attainable.



The above points are a guide to provide some idea of the work carried out during the Set Up when purchasing a guitar from us. Our very experienced dedicated guitar workshop would be happy to address any other custom requirements. We would encourage customers to contact us via email or by calling 01392 425125 to discuss any aspect of their guitar's performance, any repair queries, servicing requests or further information on the complementary Custom Set Up.